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Regional Community College

Career & Technical Education Program

Roundhouse Foundation has developed and piloted a program at Central Oregon Community College (COCC) over the course of the last year which helped offset financial barriers, outside of tuition and fees, for students participating in select COCC – CTE courses.

For FY 21-22, Roundhouse Foundation is expanding this program, by invitation, to five additional community colleges across the state of Oregon. Select, Community College Foundations are eligible for funding to support students enrolled in credit earning CTE programs that align with Roundhouse Foundation’s mission. The intent of these dollars is to reduce some of the potential barriers for students to access education.

Eligibility: Along with Central Oregon Community College, 5 additional Oregon Community College Foundations have been invited to participate in this second phase of the project for the upcoming school year. Based on total enrollment, Foundations are eligible for a sliding scale of funds to develop and distribute funds to their students within CTE programs that are mutually agreed upon between Foundation staff and Roundhouse. 

Applications are due Sunday, August 15 at 11:59pm. 

FY 21-22 Eligible Community Colleges are: Central Oregon Community College, Tillamook Bay Community College, Rogue Community College, Klamath Community College, Treasure Valley Community College, and Columbia Gorge Community College.

To qualify for this application process, organizations must have been invited and received the access code directly from a Roundhouse Foundation representative. If your organization did not receive the access code directly, your application will not be processed.

Regional Community College CTE Program Frequently Asked Questions2021-06-29T17:27:36+00:00

What courses qualify for funding?

Courses eligible for funding include CTE credit-seeking courses that align with Roundhouse Foundation’s mission. Continuing education and certification courses do not qualify for this program at this time. If you have any questions regarding qualifying courses or CTE programs, please reach out to Roundhouse staff.

What are the funding levels?

Roundhouse Foundation determines program funding amount based on the total number of students enrolled full time. The levels are as follows:

Under 500 FTE: $5,000/Term
501-1500 FTE: $7,500/Term
1501 FTE and above: $10,000/Term

How many terms can each Community College Foundation apply for?

Funding is available for a full school year, generally consisting of three (Fall,Winter, Spring/Summer) full terms. Funding for participating College Foundations is distributed as one sum upfront, to be distributed in amounts to qualifying CTE programs at the College Foundation’s discretion across the different terms.

Some terms have more requests for funding than others. Can I adjust how I distribute funding based on CTE student need by term?

Yes, the dollar per term number serves as a guideline for how Roundhouse Foundation determines funding amount for each participating institution. While we encourage each participating College Foundation to ensure funds are distributed equitably across their CTE programs and student body, we understand that fluctuating enrollment across terms may necessitate heavier funding in specific terms. For example, a college with Under 500 FTE can choose to distribute $6,000 in Fall Term and $4,000 in Spring Term, as opposed to $5,000 each term, in order to better match the demand for each term.

What are the reporting requirements?

We ask that participating College Foundations complete 2 Interim Reports and 1 Final Report. The Interim Reports must be completed following each term and prior to distribution of funds for the next term (explained in more detail below). Specific dates are flexible depending upon each College’s calendar.

The three necessary reports are as follows:

  • Winter Interim Report – to be submitted following Fall Term and prior to distributing Winter Term funds
  • Spring/Summer Interim Report – to be submitted following Winter Term and prior to distributing Spring/Summer Term funds
  • Final Report following the Spring/Summer Term prior to June 30, 2022

Click to view an example Interim Report.

What kind of budget are you looking for?

We ask that for each term, participating institutions provide a budget of their proposed distribution for the upcoming term. We’ve provided a downloadable Excel sample template here. However, if all of the information is included, please feel free to use and provide your own method of tracking and reporting.

Who can I contact with more questions?

Questions, concerns, or feedback regarding the Regional Community College Career & Technical Education Program should be directed to:

Erin Borla
Executive Director & Trustee

Ready to apply?

Invited organizations have been emailed instructions to access the CTE Program application through the Roundhouse Foundation’s grants portal. If you believe you should have received instructions, please contact us.

Watch a tutorial video for a walk-through on how to register, access our grant applications and submit reports. Contact us with questions.


Please note: The sample application is for reference only. In order to be considered, invited College Foundations must submit a proposal through the Roundhouse Foundation’s digital grants portal. As the program evolves, questions in the sample application attached here may differ slightly from the actual application.