Regional Community College Career & Technical Education Program

The Roundhouse Foundation works with rural Oregon community colleges to help offset financial barriers — outside of tuition and fees — for students enrolled in credit-earning Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs. 

What started in 2020 as a pilot at Central Oregon Community College has grown to include 10 regional community colleges in the 2022-23 school year. Select community college foundations are awarded funding to support students enrolled in credit-earning CTE programs that align with the Roundhouse Foundation’s mission. The program reduces some of the financial barriers that can keep students from accessing credentials and skills for jobs in high-demand sectors.

Funding supports hundreds of students enrolled in credit-earning CTE programs including: automotive and diesel technology; early childhood education; fire science; forest resources technology; manufacturing technology; veterinary technology; dental assistant programs; welding technology; and others. 

At this time, participation in this program is by invitation only. Selected community college partners will be contacted directly.

Click the images below to learn more about our Community College partners:

“This program has been great—to gift students a tool or something that is relevant to their success in college and in the workplace is so powerful.”

Dr. Kim Freeze, Dean of Career Technical Education programs at Rogue Community College

“It keeps us up to date with the latest technologies, allowing us to train the students with the equipment they will be using on board their vessels and not out-of-date equipment.”

Eldon Russell, Maritime Science Instructor for Clatsop Community College

Thank you to our 2022-2023 Community College Partners!

Why Community Colleges?

In order to have a thriving rural economy, residents need access to educational opportunities that match community needs. Community Colleges are place-based and represent the most current and important needs within the region they represent. Career and Technical Education (CTE) courses are available at these regional Colleges and offer an opportunity for community members to enhance their own lives and their respective community, as well as elevating their rural economy.

Many traditional and non-traditional students seek career pathways through connection in their local community colleges. With Oregon’s Promise and other scholarship and grant opportunities, frequently tuition and fees associated with these programs can be greatly reduced – making them accessible to many populations. We recognize there may be additional barriers for students to access these programs despite state, federal and regional financial aid.

What community colleges are eligible?

At this time, participation in this program is by invitation only. Selected community college partners will be contacted directly. Based on total enrollment, community college foundations are eligible for a sliding scale of funds to develop and distribute funds to their students within CTE programs that are mutually agreed upon between community college foundation staff and Roundhouse.

Application information for the 2023-24 school year will be announced in May. Applicants can download information about the 2022-23 program here.