Grant Eligibility Guidelines

Where We Work

We support rural Oregon communities, including Tribal communities. All proposals, regardless of an applicant’s location, must have a clear and compelling benefit to rural Oregon.

What We Look For

We seek partners who:

  • are IRS-designated 501(c)3 non-profits, a government entity (including special districts) or a Tribal government.
  • share our passion for and commitment to rural Oregon.
  • demonstrate a broad network of community support.
  • advance one or more of our focus areas and understand how these areas are interconnected.
  • approach opportunities and challenges with innovation, creativity and collaborative spirit.
  • have clear goals and clear outcomes that advance work toward solutions.
  • demonstrate thoughtful planning.
  • apply racial equity and DEI lenses to their work or demonstrate they are doing the work to develop such lenses.
  • value community and believe strengthening community connections is foundational to their work.
  • demonstrate solid organizational stewardship.
  • want to engage with us as partners.

We are especially interested in opportunities that:

  • stimulate rural economies, foster economic resilience and/or advance efforts outside of traditional economies.
  • bring great, new ideas at a time when Foundation support can act as a catalyst.
  • engage and mobilize young people.
  • engage a mix of lived experiences at every level, including across generations.
  • celebrate rural landscapes.
  • support sustainable food production and distribution.
  • have the potential to leverage additional investment in rural Oregon.

We rarely consider requests for/from:

  • faith-based organizations.
    • This includes YMCAs.
  • organizations outside of the United States.
  • endowments, or for multi-year commitments exceeding four (4) years.
  • private, independent, tuition-based or charter elementary or secondary schools.
  • or from organizations with a history of (or currently experiencing) intense public scrutiny, public litigation, or other activity that would jeopardize/conflict with the Mission or Values of the Roundhouse Foundation.

We are unable to consider requests for/from:

  • propagandizing or for influencing legislation and elections.
  • institutions, who — in policy or practice — unlawfully discriminate against persons for their race, ethnicity, sex, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, gender expression, religion, ability, socioeconomic status, age, or other individual identities.
  • individuals unauthorized to act on behalf of a qualified tax-exempt organizations.
  • individuals for their personal benefit.
  • loan, debt, or operational deficits of any kind.
  • organizations that are not IRS-recognized public charities or qualifying government or Tribal government entities. Fiscally-sponsored nonprofit organizations are eligible to apply for funding, but must be actively in pursuit of 501(c)(3) status.

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