Mission & Commitment to Equity


Roundhouse Foundation supports creative solutions to the unique challenges associated with rural culture and landscapes of the Pacific Northwest.


Roundhouse Foundation’s vision is to create a positive impact through collaboration in communities by encouraging creative problem solving, innovative programming, to stimulate local economies.


Roundhouse Foundation’s work is grounded in a strong sense of place and community, and we deeply value the diversity and multiple perspectives of the people that call our region home. We cultivate community conditions in which every person feels welcome, included and respected, and our diversity – in race, ethnicity, national origin, citizenship status, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, age and religion – is celebrated and considered a shared community strength. Through our work and investments, we build relationships across differences, create opportunities to advance equity, address barriers that prevent people from thriving, and amplify a diversity of voices – so that every one of us can reach our full potential and pursue our hopes and dreams.


Know our Neighbors

Bridge Generations

Advance Arts and Culture

Foster Economic Resilience

Celebrate Rural Landscapes