PMRCAA’s residency program welcomes a wide variety of artists, scientists, scholars and researchers working on individual or collaborative interdisciplinary projects and other forms of creative work.

PMRCAA fosters the creative, intellectual and personal growth for emerging artists and scientists, as well as those who are more established in their career. There are no specific educational qualifications for entry into the program. Residencies are awarded competitively, at no cost, to those who have submitted the proposal that best meets the evaluation criteria by the application deadline. Applicants must address, in the application, their ability to be self-directed in their work and have to present a history of focused work within the discipline for which they are applying.

Applicants working on mediums such as painting, ceramics/pottery, printmaking, book arts, sculpture, fiber arts, mixed media, digital media, photography (digital), installation art, music and performance arts, writing, interdisciplinary work and any scientific and creative research are encouraged to apply.

PMRCAA Resident Alumni: Alumni can apply for a residency at PMRCAA every two years.

PMRCAA actively seeks applicants from all backgrounds, and does not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, sexual orientation, marital status, ancestry, disability, HIV status, or veteran status.

PMRCAA can only consider application materials from US-based applicants.

COVID-19 Vaccination: We are requiring all residents be fully vaccinated for COVID-19 if accepted to participate in PMRCAA’s program. If you have a medical exemption, please reach out to PMRCAA staff upon applying so we can further discuss your safety and options. All accepted residents will be asked to share proof of vaccination and negative COVID test prior to arrival.


Application Process

PMRCAA employs a hybrid application process. In order to maximize the fit of residents to the PMRCAA experience, a nomination process will take place for the program. Nominators who are familiar with PMRCAA or are established professionals will be asked to nominate and provide contact information for nominees. Additionally, an open call will be announced where self-nominations can be made through the application process.

Residencies are awarded competitively, at no cost, to those who have submitted the proposal that best meets the evaluation criteria by the application deadline. Evaluation criteria include (in no particular order): quality of work, community engagement, quality of work and relevancy to the theme. Applications are evaluated by panels of external reviewers, who are established and working in fields or practices relevant to PMRCAA’s mission.

Applicants who plan to collaborate during the residency are welcome to apply, but each member of a collaboration must submit an individual application. Work space needs should be clearly specified (i.e. whether or not separate studios are required). Please also indicate if you are interested in attending as an individual artist.


May 1 – Application opens
May 28 and June 14 – Residency Program Info Sessions (Optional) – Learn more & register
June 30 at 11:59PM PST – Application closes
July 5 – Reference Responses Due
August 12-23 – Finalist interviews
September – Residency decisions announced


The application form will request you enter email addresses for at least two references: one from within your discipline area and, if applicable, one from a former residency. Once an email address is entered, you will be asked to compose a brief email inviting your reference to complete hidden questions. They will receive your email, as well as another auto-email from the system with instructions to log in and complete the reference form.

Please provide references for people who can effectively evaluate your ability to live and work collaboratively in a positive living community and to communicate effectively.

We estimate it takes 10-15 minutes for references to complete the brief questionnaire. View a sample of the reference questions here.

Please note that our application closes June 30, but all reference responses are due by July 5.

Ranch Setting

PMRCAA is located just outside the city limits of Sisters, Oregon in Central Oregon about 30 minutes from Bend. The Ranch is a working 260-acre historical property currently running cattle, sheep and chickens. During each residency period, there will be two to four residents on site. Collaboration and exchange of ideas among residents and community members is encouraged.

The Ranch strives to create a harmonious, creative community during each residency. To limit outside distractions, overnight guests are not allowed during residencies. Day time guests and visitors can be accommodated with 24-hour notice of visits. Please coordinate guest visits with staff.

Residents are given 24-hour access to all facilities and the time and space to create. All residents have access to the common spaces within the Hammond House and designated studios. Residents are responsible for their studio’s up-keep and general maintenance. Each studio will have a chalkboard sign for you to list hours in which guests can visit your studio.


Community Engagement

At PMRCAA, our work is grounded in a strong sense of place and community. As such, we are always looking for opportunities to connect participating residents with our local community. We invite residents to make a meaningful connection to the larger community as part of their residency. The formats for the community engagement activity might vary from an interpersonal encounter with members of the local community (one-on-one meetings) or on a bigger scale through a class, talk or workshop.

To learn more about the different community engagement opportunities we offer, click here. For examples of previous community engagement events, read resident stories on our blog

Please note:

  • For each cohort (2 weeks and 4 weeks), we host an Open Studio where the general public is invited to tour each studio and learn more about the residents’ practice and what they have done during their time at the ranch. Although this is not mandatory, we encourage all residents to participate.
  • We are unable to accommodate all residents with teaching opportunities. If teaching (or any proposed community engagement) is crucial to your time in residency, please be sure to indicate why in the application.


Facilities & Services

Housing: Private room with a shared or private bathroom, kitchen, dining and laundry area.

Meals: Occasional meals might be provided and the pantry is stocked with essential items and ingredients.

Studio Spaces: PMRCAA property has ten designated studio spaces (and one shared off-site printmaking workspace within the Sisters Makers District) that have been adapted and tailored as art studios for different mediums. Almost all studios are multi-purpose. Below is the list and brief description of each on-site studio space. Click here to download a PDF document with studio measurements and specifications.

  • Tent Cabin: Located next to Whychus Creek, this unique cabin has three walls constructed of a heavy-duty tarpaulin, similar to those of a yurt. This inspirational space is ideal for dry mediums, unless working outdoors.
  • Dairy Barn: This big structure has been outfitted with a stage, curtains and great acoustic from its former days as a music studio. This space is ideal for performance artists or for creators in need of designing tall ceilings and a large space. Bear in mind this space is located upstairs with no elevator access.
  • Kiln Room: This studio retains the architecture from its former days as a dairy. The cow stanchions remain as a testament to this usage. The cow stanchions remain as a testament to this use The Kiln Room, home to the PMRCAA’s kiln is a studio space as well as a shared workspace for ceramicists. Ideal for wet and messy mediums.
  • Pickle Room: Located next to the Kiln Room, the Pickle Studio features large big windows that offer a lot of natural light. Potable water is available only in large thermos containers. Non-potable water is available when there is little threat of freezing. Heat is provided with an electric heater. This cozy space was the historic milk parlor and it is ideal for ceramicists and other wet mediums.
  • Old Shop: Situated in the center of PMRCAA property, this renovated structure features tall ceilings, a lot of natural light and rustic wall and ceiling fixtures. This space is ideal for wet and messy mediums.
  • Tack Room: Formerly housing horse care equipment, this renovated private studio now offers a peaceful place where fiber and dry medium artists can focus on their craft. There is no water access in this space.
  • Hammond House Downstairs Studio: Located in the Hammond House, the Downstairs Studio offers access to your creative space without having to step outside. As the studio is situated in the communal living space, artists working in this space will be asked to respect quiet hours. This studio is ideal for quiet, dry mediums.
  • Drawing Studio: Located on the second floor of Hammond House, this space offers wrap-around views of Whychus Creek, mountains peaks and acres of fields and forests. This studio has a private outdoor entrance, but it is also connected to one of the bedrooms at the Hammond House. If there is an occupant of this adjacent bedroom that studio space will be assigned to that resident. Because the studio is situated in the communal living space, artists working in this space will be asked to respect communal quiet hours.

Internet access: Wi-Fi is available throughout the Hammond House and Headquarters building and in select studios. 

Accessibility: Some of the spaces at PMRCAA are ADA accessible. Winter weather, including ice and snow on walkways, impact accessibility at our facility. Please contact us directly with specific questions or provide information about your needs in your application.

Ranch Equipment: We want to encourage your creativity, however, PMRCAA is a working ranch. Permission and a safety check is required in advance to use any power tools, equipment or ranch materials and supplies. We are here to help you and want you to be safe. All tools and materials need to be returned to the Ranch Shop at the end of your use. Farm equipment (tractors, trailers, ATVs, etc.) are NOT available for residents.

Pets: Due to the working nature of the Ranch, we regret that pets are not allowed.

Livestock: For safety, engagement with livestock at the ranch is not allowed, unless expression permission is granted by a PMRCAA representative.

Smoking: PMRCAA is a smoke-free facility.


Residency & Application Fees

There are no residency or applications fees.



Stipends are provided to offset living and travel expenses for out-of-town residents. Stipends are not provided to local area applicants. 

Requests for travel reimbursement are available for qualifying residents that are outside a 1,000 miles, one-way, radius of PMRCAA and travel to the site. The requested reimbursement limit is $300 and will be paid upon completion of residency. There are a limited number of reimbursements available for residents. The request will be examined by The Roundhouse Foundation Trustees and may only be used during the resident’s residency dates.