We’re fortunate to have talented artists contribute to our permanent collection. Click on a name below to view their work on display at PMRCAA.

This is a developing page – we are updating with more artists’ contributions weekly.

Loraine M. Albertson

Original drawing by John J. Audubon Engraved by R. Havell Jr. Colored and Printed by R. Havell Sr

Loo Bain

Rick Bartow

Adam Bateman

Marlene Bauer

Francisco Bautista

Paul Alan Bennett

Line Bergene

Pam Jersey Bird

Helen Brown

Paula Bullwinkel

Chickering Gaby Grand Piano, 1909

Pat Clark


Diane Culliane

Edward Curtis 

Nancy Dasen

Shelby Davis

Kathy Deggendorfer

Tonye Delinda

Done by Lewis & Clark Student

Ruih L. Dorrith

Poppy Dully

Dawn Emerson

Jackie Erickson and Vince Gill

Ray Eyerly

Jack Fawcett

Shelly Fredenberg

Dorothy Freudenberg

Brenda Gratton

Al Greene

Bethany Gunnarson

Dana Halderman

Justin Hartney

Nancy Helmsworth

Susan Luckey Higdae

Alex Hirsch

Alex Hirsch and Hirona Matsuda

Norma Holmes

Kellie G. Hoyt

June Jaeger

Keith Jellum

Roberta Jones

Josephy Center for the Arts


Jean Wells Keenan

Valori Wells Kennedy & Jean Wells Keenan

Al Krause

Anna Laggegio

La Pine artist

Elissa Levy

Fritz Liedtke

Hirona Matsuda

Maggie Middleton

Rebecca Morton(Sokol) 

C. Moss

S.B. Mullrould

Rie Munoz

Andy Myers

L Nash

Chris Nelson

Penland Dye Shed

Stan Peterson

Hilary Pfeifer

Tonye Phillips

Carolyn Platt

Nancy Pobanz

Made by: Prisoners

Purchased from craft show artist

Elizabeth Quinn

Ryder Redfield


Lynn Rothan

Christina Rusnak

Crystal Schenk

Sisters High School Student

Rochelle Schueler, Lynn Adamo, Brenda Gratton, Kellie G. Hoyt, Line Bergene

J Smit

J Smit and J Wolf

Christopher St. John

St. Louis Artist

Kit Stafford

Tamarack, Camp Campers

Koory Thompson

Alan Tracy

Tribal Nations Map Center

David Wachs

Jeff Wester / Ponderosa Forge

Austen Camille Weymueller

Nest Box – Compilation of Artists