Pine Meadow Ranch accomplishes the original goals in the following ways:

  1. Preserve the ranching tradition by maintaining the agricultural lands.
  2. Make use of preexisting structures that are currently unused by converting existing agricultural buildings into workshop space. (Successful artist centers often make use of empty manufacturing facilities — Sisters doesn’t have that urban resource but does have empty agriculture buildings.)
  3. Create a working classroom space on the timber/creek ground by working with the local schools, Oregon State University-Cascades, Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI), Deschutes Land Trust and Upper Deschutes Watershed Council.
  4. Preserve the historic buildings and the ranching and timber traditions with help from the High Desert Museum, Oregon Historical Society, Des Chutes Historical Society and Three Sisters Historical Society.
  5. Develop ways for the public to access this historically private land.
  6. Create jobs.
  7. Create a cultural tourism economic center.
  8. Celebrate and encourage local economic health through innovation and collaboration.