What’s the application process?  

We know grant applications can be gruesome, especially if you don’t have a “grant-writing person” on your team. We’ve tried to make our process as streamlined as possible, but always welcome feedback for improvement. Learn more about our open grant opportunities here.

Where do I apply?

All applications are accepted in our online grants portal. We recommend applicants get started in our grants portal early. If you do not have an account, you can create one and open the application. Our application system saves your work, so you can begin an application, save your work, and return to it later.

You can download the application questions in PDF format here. We still recommend you open a draft application early, even if you choose to compose your answers outside of the system in a separate document.
Roundhouse staff are able to view your draft application in our grant system. This is a great way for us to help you and provide feedback on your application before you click submit.

How does Roundhouse define “rural”?

We know the term “rural” can encompass diverse ideas and definitions. While we don’t have a strict definition of rural, we generally consider communities outside of the Portland, Salem, and Eugene metropolitan areas in our grantmaking. We recognize that rural and urban communities come in many shapes and sizes, and we seek to serve communities that are traditionally overlooked by philanthropy.

We also recognize that organizations based in these Oregon metropolitan areas can have great impact within rural and frontier communities. For applicants whose headquarters are based in more populated areas but wish to do work in rural communities, a strong proposal will clearly address established connection(s) to the rural community they intend to serve, such as through partnerships with place-based organizations. We encourage you to include letters of support from such partners in your application.

What do you fund?

Lots of things! We welcome proposals for most types of funding that align with our focus areas. You can learn more about what we do and don’t fund in our eligibility guidelines.

My organization doesn’t have 501(c)3 status, but is represented by a fiscal sponsor. Can we apply?

Yes, we support projects represented by a fiscal sponsor. Please review our eligibility page and our fiscal sponsorship guidelines for more information.

What if my proposal wasn’t funded?

We don’t enjoy saying no, but sometimes proposals aren’t a good fit or other proposals take priority. Still, we value the work you do and would be glad to talk through our decision and offer feedback for future proposals. Contact us and we’ll find a time to connect. 

Do you award multi-year grants?  

Yes, but only for organizations with whom we have an established partnership. For our multi-year partners, we hope to stay in touch throughout the grant period (typically a report is required each year of the grant period) and there are limitations for eligibility for receiving additional grants. Please reach out to a Roundhouse representative should you be interested in a multi-year grant.

Can I nominate a nonprofit? 

Absolutely! We always want to get connected with great nonprofits and organizations. If you contact us with your recommendation, we will reach out to the organization you nominated to see if they are a good fit. 

Any tips or tricks?   

Unfortunately, we can’t say ‘yes’ to everyone. Our best tips? Paint a picture — a world with and without your efforts. Demonstrate the impact. Be authentic: leave the script at the door. Have vision. Be honest about what you need, want, and/or have learned. Follow through. Ask questions! We are here to help. Contact us any time.