COVID-19 UPDATES for Grant Applicants:

APRIL 1, 2020 GRANT DEADLINE: During this crisis we are attempting to support our grant partners and look to the future. Our goal is to serve our community during and after this crisis. Due to the state of the economy, RHF Trustees are also cognizant of the Foundation’s organizational sustainability.

The current 2020 application is still live through April 1. We encourage organizations to apply as planned. Please note the focus of RHF Trustees during this round of funding is to ensure the sustainability of current and potential partners and to support programming for those most affected by COVID-19, for instance through:

  • Child care services during school closures
  • Mitigation of social isolation and mental health support
  • Educational opportunities for K-12 students
  • Internet access for those learning/working from home
  • Housing and utility support/food security

CURRENT GRANT HOLDERS: We will extend our deadline of grant reporting by 60 days.

PREVIOUS PARTNERS: All previous RHF grant recipients in good standing (meaning organizations that have used their funds as stated, submitted reports on time, etc.) and whose missions still align with the foundation are eligible to submit a new application by May 15, 2020, for a limited support grant if the need falls under one of the below categories:

Sustainability of the organization due to loss of income because of COVID-19.
Support programming for vulnerable populations including low-income families, high needs communities, seniors, etc.

CURRENTLY, OUR OCTOBER DEADLINE HAS BEEN ELIMINATED. RHF Trustees and Staff will work with organizations and partners to determine next steps.

Continue to check back here for updates on open calls/deadlines for grants as they are added.

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