Maxville, Ore., was once a ghost town. But today, thanks to the efforts of the descendants of families who once lived there, the story of this former logging community is being told and celebrated in creative and inspiring ways. And this renewed interest in Oregon’s timber industry and its workers is, in turn, bringing new life to this part of Oregon.

Roundhouse Foundation is pleased to support some of the administrative needs at Maxville Heritage Interpretive Center in Joseph, OR. Funding will help to build capacity to achieve the strategic goals of sustainability, access, and preservation.

The newly created position of Administrative Assistant will allow MHIC to increase their ability to serve as responsible stewards for the important maintenance and coordination of scheduling and logistical support for the Center and the preservation of the site of Maxville.

“Thank you so much for taking the time and energy to bolster our good works,” says Gwendolyn Trice, CIG, Executive Director. “I’m always lifted up by our shared vision of what can be for everyone!”

Photos courtesy the Maxville Heritage Interpretive Center.

Published On: January 14th, 2022 / Categories: Featured Grant Stories, Grant News /