Executive Director and Trustee of the Sisters, Oregon organization will serve a two-year term to help further knowledge and best practices in the family philanthropy community

Sisters, OR – 27 October 2022 – Erin Borla, executive director and trustee for The Roundhouse Foundation, has been selected for the National Center for Family Philanthropy (NCFP) Fellows Program. This program is designed to accelerate the learning and development of family philanthropy leaders, while also defining and elevating effective practices in the sector. Borla was selected due to her leadership skills and meaningful contributions to the field, as well as a commitment to advancing ongoing learning and advocating for effective philanthropic practices.

Nicholas Tedesco, President and CEO of the National Center for Family Philanthropy, said, “Our Fellows Program is instrumental in furthering and elevating family philanthropy work across the country, and we are pleased to welcome our newest Fellows to the program, including Erin. Her commitment to the philanthropic community and established skills and expertise in the space will make her a great asset to the work we are doing. We are looking forward to her unique contributions!” 

The program serves as a mechanism to harness the talents of both the Fellows and NCFP, furthering knowledge creation and promoting best practices. With the work of its Fellows, NCFP is better able to support the full spectrum of family philanthropists to reach their full potential. Fellows serve a two-year term, conducting research and thought leadership work, as well as sharing knowledge with the NCFP community.

In addition to Borla, the 2022 NCFP Fellows include Dimple Abichandani of the Solidaire Network and Trust-Based Philanthropy Project; C’Ardiss “CC” Gardner Gleser of the Andrus Family Fund; Dilnaz Waraich of the Waraich Family Fund; and 2022 Distinguished Fellow David Weitnauer of the R. Howard Dobbs, Jr. Foundation.

All fellows will be working to advance the field; foster learning to strengthen the practice of family philanthropy; elevate effective and best practices; and encourage an open exchange of ideas and information. In particular, Borla will be focused on elevating rural voices and sharing creative solutions to the unique challenges associated with rural culture and landscape

“It is such an exciting opportunity to be included as a Fellow for NCFP,” said Borla. “I look forward to working with Foundations and philanthropists across the country to elevate the programs and projects happening throughout rural Oregon and with our Native partners and am honored and humbled to be included in the group of Fellows selected for this work.”

In addition to this fellowship, Borla also recently received a Certificate in Tribal Relations from the Institute for Tribal Government and Center for Public Service in the Mark O. Hatfield School of Government at Portland State University. This capstone course will not only help The Roundhouse Foundation better collaborate and partner with tribal governments and other native communities, but also inform Borla’s upcoming work with the NCFP. 

About the National Center for Family Philanthropy

NCFP is a network of philanthropic families committed to a world that is vibrant, equitable, and resilient. We share proven practices, work through common challenges, and learn together to strengthen our ability to effect meaningful change. As we navigate individual journeys of reflection and transformation, we see the results of intentional, impactful giving.

We promote open inquiry and ongoing reflection to advance the practice of family philanthropy, and we value the partnerships and mutual respect that make it possible for families to discover their purpose and possibilities. https://www.ncfp.org/

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