In rural Harney County, access to social service organizations is limited and many families rely on the local school system for much-needed supplies and assistance.

With support from the Roundhouse Foundation, Harney County School District is able to be there for students and their families in essential, tangible ways, providing support with everything from school supplies to rental assistance.

“Shoes and boots… They are probably the #1 requested item, and I have given away 3 pairs just today,” said Kellie Mickel, Programs Coordinator for Harney County School District.

Mickel believes this assistance will translate to improvements in student attendance, grades and overall school participation, as well as increased family participation with the school. According to Mickel, “When we are able to provide above and beyond normal school services for these families, it should reflect in the relationship that is formed between the school and local families. It would be a relationship of trust and mutual respect where the family feels no judgement and felt heard.”

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Published On: March 20th, 2021 / Categories: Featured Grant Stories, Grant News /