Photos courtesy of Lane Education Service District

Following the Holiday Farm Fire that destroyed more than 400 homes in the McKenzie Valley in September, students, instructors and volunteers from McKenzie River Community School have piloted a community revitalization project to construct storage sheds for those who lost their homes and other structures in the devastating fires.

“The first thing a person needs after their land is clear is a shed to start rebuilding,” reported Lee Kounovsky to The Register Guard back in April. Kounovsky works with the Lane Education Service District, 4J schools and Lane Community College teaching technical education, like construction.

Not only does this pilot project support the short-term recovery from last year’s fires, but it also develops community resilience to future fire events and builds necessary skills in youth. Students will have the chance to connect with future employment opportunities alongside industry volunteers, learn valuable skills, and earn school credit. 

“This project helps restore our community, while strengthening connections among education, industry, and community partners,” said Shareen Vogel, CTE Regional Coordinator for Lane Education Service District. 

Read more about the collaborative project from The Register Guard’s April article.

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