The Arts Council of Pendleton worked with Roundhouse Foundation to receive support for the general operation of the Pendleton Center for the Arts and its associated outreach activities. 

The Arts Center, or PCA, as it is known locally, is situated in a historic Carnegie Library building that the Arts Council renovated and reconfigured between 1998 and 2001 through a $1.8 million dollar community capital campaign. It is a full-service arts facility that serves about 5,500 people of all ages per year with opportunities for creative expression and community connection. Offerings include professional exhibits, a full range of arts education classes, performances, literary events and marketing support for vendor artists.

There is no admission cost to enter the building and all arts education services are offered at no cost to those under the age of 19. Outreach activities include providing arts instructors for senior centers, special needs students, and the charter high school on the nearby Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation, often at no charge. The Arts Council of Pendleton partners with Pendleton City Parks and Rec, the Chamber of Commerce, and members of the Crossroads Cultural Coalition, a group of seven local non-profits that gather quarterly to share scheduling and marketing opportunities.

In addition to support of the overall operations of the Pendleton Center for the Arts, the Roundhouse Funding will help support the Alice Fossatti Ceramics Studio (AFCS) at PCA.  Alice was a student of Betty Feves, an icon of northwest ceramic work and fierce advocate of access to the arts for all. The ceramics program has served youth, teens, and adults for two decades, and Roundhouse funding will help secure a new kiln as they welcome students back into the AFCS.

“Thank you so much for supporting our work here at PCA,” says Director Roberta Lavadour. “Our students and instructors are beyond excited about the new kiln.”

Photo and logo courtesy of Pendleton Center for the Arts

Published On: January 2nd, 2022 / Categories: Featured Grant Stories, Grant News /