Career Technical Education (CTE) programs at Rogue Community College

Students get help with tools, gear, equipment, fees for technical career training 

Dr. Kim Freeze is the Dean of Career Technical Education (CTE) programs at Rogue Community College (RCC). Roundhouse was pleased to support Dr. Freeze and her programs with a CTE grant which helps to remove barriers for students to participate in programs at a select few community colleges across Oregon.  

The funds provided are to be directed to students in CTE programming to cover additional required items outside of tuition and fees. At Rogue Community College, funding priorities are determined through outreach/communication to our CTE programs and funding is determined by areas of greatest need for students in approved programs. Funding priorities were determined through meetings with CTE Department Chairs and faculty and apprenticeship instructors. 

RCC strategically identified possible barriers or challenges for students in CTE and apprenticeship programs. Funding priorities vary with each department and examples include: tools, welding equipment, textbooks (electrical textbooks cost upwards of $700 per student), workplace gear and fees for specialized programs.  

Funds from Roundhouse for the fall term of 2021 benefitted 40 students in the construction program. Students received required tools for their classes that they could take on to use during their careers after completing their schooling. 

Dr. Freeze works on the ground level with her students and often finds herself in classes and workshops with her hands dirty, building connections with faculty and students. “These funds tell the students that the College believes in them, that I believe in them as an educator and that another organization believes in them,” she said. “In programs like these everyone needs one another.”

Some of the RCC students in the CTE programs are struggling with day-to-day needs, especially after the pandemic. “This program has been great—to gift students a tool or something that is relevant to their success in college and in the workplace is so powerful,” said Dr. Freeze.

Photos courtesy of Career Technical Education (CTE) programs at Rogue Community College

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