Following the devastating Almeda Fire in 2020, Talent Maker City’s Rise Up + Rebuild programming has played a key part in the rural community of Talent, Oregon’s path to recovery. Students have built bed frames, created public art celebrating community resilience, and are currently converting two school buses into transitional housing for impacted families, all while gaining workforce-ready skills and experience. TMC received funding from Roundhouse Foundation to expand this programming as well as support essential and meaningful professional development for staff to continue their path of healing through hands-on learning.

In November 2021, 53 families moved back to Talent in RVs placed at the Gateway for transitional housing. TMC worked with South Medford High School to get 10 picnic tables in place. 

“We’re excited to build more of those (and many more needed items) with our students and families thanks to your generous grant,” says Interim Executive Director, Alli French.

French continues, “We’re also blocking out the calendar for our Maker Mondays in anticipation of doing a deep dive into our new tools and equipment so that we can better share our space with the community. This will have a huge ripple effect on our services.  Professional Development time for staff has always been the first thing to get moved off the calendar when we get busy. Thank you for valuing our maker mindset and desire to grow with the organization!”

Talent Maker City thanks the Roundhouse Foundation team for their continued support of its mission to serve Southern Oregon as a regional hub for creative and economic innovation. Thanks in part to the Foundation’s support, TMC can continue to provide an accessible and equitable maker ecosystem that removes barriers and provides inspiring opportunities for community members to learn, train, grow and create. 

Photos and logo courtesy of Talent Maker City and Alli French

Published On: December 8th, 2021 / Categories: Featured Grant Stories, Grant News /