When The Next Door, Inc. was founded in 1971 their goal was to serve teenagers in the foster care system. Over the years that program has grown. Now, The Next Door, Inc., doesn’t just provide housing and therapeutic support but also offers skills training, youth mentoring, and several programs that serve the larger community. Their 35 programs serve more than 3500 people in seven counties across Oregon and Washington.

“Much of TNDI’s work focuses on underserved or at-risk populations including the Latinx community, foster care youth, low-income families, and those with other barriers to accessing resources and support,” explained Marketing and Development Director, Amanda Lawrence.

Their work with youth in the foster care system continues to be important both as a way to alleviate the shortage of foster families–a problem locally and nationwide–and to the individuals who find a sense of belonging at The Next Door Inc.’s newly purchased group home in The Dalles.

“Jack,” a boy who had been in the foster system for a long time, said he didn’t feel like he belonged anywhere until he arrived at the group home. The home didn’t just meet his basic needs but had amenities like fitness equipment, gaming consoles, and an open and stocked kitchen. He has weekly counseling and has 24/7 support from staff at the home. Importantly, there are also activities like going to the library or hiking–things many kids in families take for granted but aren’t always available to young people in the foster system. 

The nonprofit now supports families in addition to foster youth and has a branch of programs dedicated to Latinx community. These targeted services offer economic development support to grow small businesses, and health services that are accessible for an underserved Spanish speaking population. 

Since The Next Door, Inc. began over 50 years ago, the programs offered have shifted and changed in response to requests from the community. During the early pandemic, the organization added 15 programs to fill new gaps and support people in a uniquely difficult time. 

Since 2021, The Roundhouse Foundation has been proud to support The Next Door, Inc.’s work and their commitment to youth and families and Latinx populations of the Pacific Northwest.

Published On: April 22nd, 2024 / Categories: Featured Grant Stories, Foundation Highlights, Grant News /