April 1, 2020

COVID-19 UPDATES for Applicants:

APRIL 1, 2020 GRANT DEADLINE: During this crisis we are attempting to support our grant partners and look to the future. Our goal is to serve our community during and after this crisis. Due to the state of the economy, RHF Trustees are also cognizant of the Foundation's organizational sustainability.

The current 2020 application is still live through April 1.  We encourage organizations to apply as planned. Please note the focus of RHF Trustees during this round of funding is to ensure the sustainability of current and potential partners and to support programming for those most affected by COVID-19, for instance through:

           -Child care services during school closures
-Mitigation of social isolation and mental health support
-Educational opportunities for K-12 students
-Internet access for those learning/working from home
-Housing and utility support/food security

CURRENT GRANT HOLDERS: We will extend our deadline of grant reporting by 60 days.

PREVIOUS PARTNERS:  All previous RHF grant recipients in good standing (meaning organizations that have used their funds as stated, submitted reports on time, etc.) and whose missions still align with the foundation are eligible to submit a new application by May 15, 2020, for a limited support grant if the need falls under one of the below categories:

  1. Sustainability of the organization due to loss of income because of COVID-19.
  2. Support programming for vulnerable populations including low-income families, high needs communities, seniors, etc.

CURRENTLY OUR OCTOBER DEADLINE HAS BEEN ELIMINATED.  RHF Trustees and Staff will work with organizations and partners to determine next steps.  Continue to check back here for updates on open calls/deadlines for grants as they are added.

Apply Online here:

Applications For Projects Over $500 (Not available at this time)
Applications For Projects Under $500 (Not available at this time)
Application for Previous Partners LIMTED support grant - Special Application May 15, 2020

You may also apply or send your files by email:

Sending files separate from online application:

Please make it VERY clear in your email that you have applied online and are sending the files separately. Make sure to include your name or company name with the email so we can match it to the application and name your files with company name and file name, i.e. 'Roundhouse Foundation - Project Narrative'.

 For an application that is being mailed or emailed

The cover page must be limited to one page. The cover page is from 'Name of Organization' through 'Financial Information' from below.

Or mail to PO Box 2078, Sisters, OR 97759. Postmarks not accepted.

Grantees, Please fill out Grant Reports HERE

COVER PAGE: LIMIT TO ONE PAGE; Grant Applications for the May 2020 Limited Support Grant do NOT need to complete the cover page.

Name of Organization
Amount of this Request
Project Name
Project Description in one Sentence
Year Organization Incorporated
Chief Executive Name and Title
Contact Name and Title (if different)
Contact email address
Geographic Area Served
The timeframe in which funds will be used
Total Project Cost
This request is what % of Total Project Cost
Fiscal Year
Expenditure Total Last Year
Expenditure Total expected this Fiscal Year
Revenue Total for last year
Revenue Total expected this fiscal year

Please list the 5 single largest revenue sources/contributors and amounts for this fiscal year or last fiscal year. Individuals may be listed as anonymous.

Please list the 5 single largest revenue sources/contributors and amounts for this fiscal year or last fiscal year. Individuals may be listed as anonymous.

NARRATIVE:  LIMIT TO 2 PAGES; Grant Applications for the May 2020 Limited Support Grant do NOT need to complete the cover page.

1. One paragraph summarizing your proposal

2. Mission Statement

3. Organizational background:  Describe the organization’s qualifications, history of success and use of volunteers.  If this project is a collaboration, please describe the other organizations involved and identify the lead agency.

4. Needs Statement:  Describe the needs that will be addressed through this project.  Explain how the need was identified.

5. Project:  Please include the following:

Who will be served?

How will the project meet the needs identified?  Include goals, activities and timelines.

What is the anticipated impact and how will you measure effectiveness?

Please list other funding sources for this project and note if funding is secured.

File Attachments:

Attach the following files: (Sending attachments in more than one email is acceptable.)

1. Project Budget – limit one page

2. Most Recent Financial Statement

3. 501c3 Determination Letter from IRS (not needed from public schools/government agencies)

4. Board of Directors List (with affiliations and phone numbers)

Other grant deadlines in 2019:

  • October 1, 2019

Geographic Priorities:

  • Sisters
  • Central Oregon
  • Select international locations at the trustees’ invitation


Arts, Environment, Social Services, Education, Community Leadership


The Roundhouse Foundation does not fund faith-based or political organizations.  The Foundation does not favor proposals to fund endowments or capital campaigns.