How to Apply

2021 Grant Opportunities

We are pleased to offer two grant programs throughout 2021.

Prior to applying, please review our focus areas and eligibility guidelines to ensure your proposal is a good fit.

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Small Grants Under $2500

We understand smaller organizations or flagship programs may not have a need for a significant budget, and we believe small grants can support grassroots, innovative work. Small grants also offer opportunities to explore and test new approaches and endeavors which can then be replicated for broader impact.

For new organizational partners, this is a great first-time grant program to consider as we get to know each other.

Organizations may apply for one small grant per year to support an innovation or important project. Applications will be evaluated on a monthly basis throughout 2021, with funding for selected proposals typically disbursed within 2-3 weeks following the decision announcement.

We rarely consider requests for general operating expenses through the Small Grants process.

We appreciate our grant partners. Click on the photos below to learn who they are and read their stories.

Open Call for Proposals

Organizations that fit within our focus areas and eligibility guidelines may submit a proposal to one of our Open Call grant cycles. Organizations may submit one Open Call proposal per year, as long as they have no other active grants with the Foundation.

Preferred proposals span 12-18 months. Multi-year awards may be considered for organizations that have an established relationship with Roundhouse (Fall Open Call process only). Please reach out to a Roundhouse representative if you are interested in a multi-year opportunity.

Requested amount is not to exceed $100,000, and it is rare Roundhouse awards the maximum. Median awards range from $5,000-$20,000.

Application review takes 4-6 weeks, with funding for selected proposals typically disbursed within 2-3 weeks following the decision announcement.

We rarely fund capital grants within the Open Call process.

SPRING OPEN CALL FOR PROPOSALS (Applications closed March 31, 2021)

FALL OPEN CALL FOR PROPOSALS (Application open June 1 through September 30, 2021)

  • Accepting grant requests to develop, implement or expand programming, as well as to support general operations

Ready to Apply? Access Our Grant Application

If your organization recently received a grant, it is likely registered in our new grants application system. To log in, click the ‘Apply for a Grant’ button below, then click ‘Forgot your Password’. An email will be sent to you to set your password.

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If your organization has not previously received a grant, you will need to register before accessing the grants application system. Click the ‘Apply for a Grant’ button below, then click the ‘Create New Account’ button.

Watch a tutorial video for a walk-through on how to register, access our grant applications and submit reports. Contact us with questions.