Pine Meadow​ Ranch Artist Residency

Pine Meadow Ranch is engagement with a historic working ranch and a small Western community. Artists and makers wanting to explore connections to the landscape, conservation, historic preservation, agriculture and the local area community are invited to Pine Meadow Ranch in Sisters, Oregon.

The vision of Pine Meadow Ranch is to connect arts and sciences with traditional and contemporary crafts and skills integral to ranching life including: metal, glass, wood and leather work, ceramics, fibers and textiles, writing, painting and drawing, photography, film and music. 

Today, Pine Meadow Ranch continues to operate as a working ranch and is developing and expanding arts, agricultural and ecological projects from the assets of the property. Our goal is to preserve the land, the views, and historic buildings of Pine Meadow Ranch for years to come.

Residents are asked to contribute to the Ranch or the community by helping on the Ranch and/or by presenting a workshop or artists talk in the community. At the same time, artists are given time and space for their own artistic practice. In 2018, Pine Meadow Ranch hosted trial residencies by inviting eight artists for two-week stays (bios below).

In 2019, Pine Meadow Ranch will move into its pilot year with more engagement opportunities for residents on the ranch and in the local area community. Two residents at a time will be accommodated for four week residencies from mid-March to mid-November. Residents will be provided studio space in one of the Ranch buildings and a private room with a shared bath in the Headquarters. The Headquarters also houses the business office, a shared kitchen, dining and laundry. As buildings are remodeled, Pine Meadow Ranch will be able to accommodate different abled artists and professionals. 

Applications are due December 17, 2018. Applicants will be notified no later than January 30, 2019. For more information, please email

Applications for day use of studio space for local area artists will open at the end of January 2019. Studio space will be available for four - six artists in the year from March - November 2019*.  Artists within a 60-minute drive from Pine Meadow Ranch are considered local area artists. If you are interested in being notified when this application opens, please email 


*Because stipends are provided to offset living and travel expenses for out of town artists, stipends are not provided to local area artists.