In a world inundated with discussions of climate change, sustainability, and the future of our planet, there’s a voice often missing from conversation — the voice of rural communities. Minal Mistry is working to change that, gathering notes for a forthcoming book. 

Mistry is a biologist working in the industrial sustainability arena and focused on the impacts of material production and consumption on the living Earth. He is interested in the intersections of environmental, ecological, and social justice. 

Mistry’s work revolves around understanding the origins, usage, and disposal of materials, along with their associated environmental impacts and social burdens. He is focused on the invisible flows, and Mistry’s lens extends beyond the tangible to explore the hidden consequences of our material-centric society.

By synthesizing science and his knowledge as a working scientist, Mistry brings a focus on the interconnectedness of human actions and the environment with a focus on the consequences of our collective choices. He explores the waste, some visible, some invisible, that permeate our lives from airborne pollutants to chemicals in our everyday lives. By reframing the narrative around materials and consumption, Mistry aims to challenge conventional notions of progress and well-being. He underscores the importance of recognizing the impact of our actions on both human and environmental health, urging us to confront the uncomfortable truths lurking beneath the surface. 

“We ask ‘is this thing recyclable?’” says Mistry. “We don’t ask whose child was poisoned along the way to make this thing.”

Mistry bridges the gap between scientific inquiry and storytelling. He invites us to ponder profound questions about our relationship with the natural world. He champions the vital role rural communities and voices play in sustaining ecosystems, cultivating food, and preserving traditions. 

Join us on Thursday, April 18 from 5:30-7 p.m. when Mistry will be hosting a discussion about environment and well-being. To experience more of Mistry’s work, stop by the Open Studio on May 9, 4-6 p.m. and hear from fellow artists-in-residence Giuseppe Ribaudo and Esperanza Cortés as well.

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