A group of ceramicists and other makers came to the new classroom at Pine Meadow Ranch in August. They were led by artist in residence Dylan Beck, a ceramicist whose work explores the medium with grounded playfulness. Dylan Beck in Studio

A relentless experimenter with time and space through material and form, Beck’s inspiration ranges from microscopic mycelia to grandiose volcanoes. He gave an informal lecture at the ranch, explaining his techniques and influences to the group, and showed examples of his work in various stages of completion. Guests were visibly intrigued by his unique glaze methods and his clever solution to some kiln-related woes.

After Beck’s presentation was a roundtable conversation about each participant’s work. The common language of like-minded fellows and unapologetic vernacular of experienced creators made for a light and easy afternoon, as Beck engaged each artist with thoughtful critique and encouragement.


Ceramicist Lecture by Dylan BeckThe group brought a series of interesting methods of their own to the table. Through Annie Dyer’s work, participants explored the juxtaposition of raw text against a glossy sheen. With Kit Stafford, they toyed with the idea of ditching the kiln and using a Weber grill. The group fused music and sculpture by incorporating piano strings with Nancy Dasen and other brilliant members of Sisters’ maker community.


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