In 2021, to honor the local quilting tradition in Sisters, PMRCAA partnered with local artist and quilter, Kit Stafford, to design a “Quilt Garden,” a 16’x16′ signature garden bed planted in a quilt design. In addition to the garden space, Stafford created a fabric version of her design (above) that will be displayed at PMRCAA.

Stafford’s pattern celebrates the Sisters landscape. In the top half of her design, classic quilt triangles embody orange and yellow sun rays and a purple mountain – deep purple for the colder north side and violet for the sunnier side. The purple mountain – designed to resemble Black Butte north of Sisters – also resembles a round-barn, a structure which can be found at PMRCAA (one of the last few in Oregon) and the symbol of the Roundhouse Foundation, the Sisters-based organization which operates PMRCAA. In the lower half of the design, colorful and whimsical circle flowers are appliquéd in fields of green growth.

Planting for the Quilt Garden began in May 2021. The garden space is entirely composed of edible flowers and plants, including marigolds, strawberries, and herb varieties. For the round elements, found objects from around PMRCAA have been incorporated into the design.

While the Quilt Garden will be a permanent asset at PMRCAA, the plantings within the bed will be changed annually for new artists. Applications for next year’s designer will open in early 2022.

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Published On: April 23rd, 2021 / Categories: Pine Meadow Ranch, Pine Meadow Ranch Programs /