Pine Meadow Ranch Center for Arts & Agriculture

Haiku Program

Words connect us in so many ways, and poetry has the unique ability to capture the universal experiences of community, coexistence, and connection to place.

In summer of 2022, we partnered with Portland-based artist Alisha Sullivan to invite Sisters community members of all ages to submit haiku poetry to be displayed in lights during the weekend of the Sisters Folk Festival (Sept. 30 – Oct. 2, 2022). We are delighted with the community response! The haiku submissions are a testament to the Sisters Country culture, history, community and landscape. Review the 9 finalists whose haikus will be displayed during the Sisters Folk Festival and our honorable mentions below.


These nine haikus will be displayed in lights during the 2022 Sisters Folk Festival on Sept. 30 – Oct. 2.


People everywhere
Notes are floating in the air
Music in the streets   

– Candy P.           



Cold clear creek tumbles
Paints dull stones in varied shades
Of sparkling mercy     

– Melody C.



Wind singing through trees
rain whispering quietly
intimate love song.    

– Diane H.


River islands, rocks
Grasses, invisible souls
Life flows by and bye 

– Linda H.



Mountains pretending
To hold still while the stars turn
Teaching us to dance

– Kit S.



Music brings nighthawks
Dancing over the meadow
Piano has wings      

– Karl G.


scent of wet needles
inhale ponderosa pine
exhale morning peace           

– Georgia H.



Dark skies bright with stars
Spangled fish deep in Whychus
Waving to strangers

– Stella D.



“Pine noodles,” she says.
Nature’s new with a child, and
wild is wild again       

– Laura L.


Thank you to everyone who submitted a haiku to this project!

Sisters Folk Festival Fun
We have gone for years!
So special – always the best!

Vicki B.R.

Wading through shadows
I find the light and myself
Wildest dreams come true

– Ari H.

Predawn cool and dew
the early morning pine scent
deer friends are afoot

– Francis A.R.

Pine forest landscapes:
Odor of festive spirits
Beckon company.

– Jesus C.

Cone Peak clotted gray
meadow gems emblazoning
this day insistent

– David K.

Freedom is defined
As responsibility
Fully recognized

– Robert H.

Clouds rise like mountains
Bluebirds cut from azure sky
Flowers seeking sun
– Kathryn Y.

Biking kids to school
poppies, lupine, fresh pine breeze
home saddles on routine

– Ginger L.K.

Ripe market fruit found
Baked into a neighbor’s pie
Serve with cream and friends

– Julie S.

Life came at him hard
He splintered in big lessons
And coalesced fierce

– Janice H. H.

Memory of perfection
Not yet rewoven
Layered dreams inspiring art
– Martha S.

steam from pumpkin spice
joins the smell of leaves, fallen,
mid-day, late autumn

– Anjun J.

The rain is my song
raised in damp trees greenery
never to depart

– Michelle E.

The Sun on My Face
Sun is food
Bright, warm, feeds the soul
Smile, dance, joy

– Teresa M.

Scorched earth, deep dirt scars
A shushed roar’s simple embrace
Soil springs from cold fall

– Ryan W.

Faith Hope Charity
Glistening sky snow rainbows
Bald eagles soaring

– Rebecca M. F.

Freshly laundered sheets
Kissed by the wind by the sun
Into this I climb

– Sunni K.

Caramel scented,
Late summertime mountain joy,
Ponderosa aroma

– LaRita C.

Plants decimated
brown, round droppings everywhere
Deer garden buffet

– Paul Alan B.

Searchlight moon
through the open window
owl talk
– Nancy B.

Exponential time
outward, leaping and flowing

– Jas S.

Work is lacking heart
Home is shattering my heart
What will buoy me?

– Laura B. W.

Earth is our mother
her family are the stars
We are related

– Lawrence S.

Digging deep into the past
Old stories unearthed

– Eileen T. G.

My best life is now
Grannyhood with Bo and Lou
Hashtag, life is good.

(If I could title it: 50s Rock)

– Becky A.

It isn’t just luck
to receive recognition
for words well written

– Linda W.

Beautiful mountains
Pretty lakes, gorgeous sunshine
Great community

– Addie B.

Snowy mountaintops;
Glisten over conifers;
Sisters calls me home

– Marla M.

Bumble bees, beetles
flies, butterflies, I’m standing
carefully outside

– Mira C.

Old Sentry
On hammock duty,
Kiddos chirping ‘cross the river
Summon me to arms.

– Willard B. III

I walk in a place
that is familiar to
my heart, strange to me

– Juniper S.