By Pam Wavrin, PMRCAA Director of Ranch Operations

A ponderosa pine fell during a windstorm, destroying the chicken coop, carport and part of the roof of our caretaker cabin.

In early 2021, a windstorm ripped through Pine Meadow Ranch. Half of our main chicken coop at our historic Hammond House was destroyed when two giant ponderosa pines came crashing down. Thankfully, no chickens were harmed and the newly restored 1930’s-era home was spared, but the chicken coop, carport and part of the roof of our caretaker cabin were lost.

Our team sealed the chicken coop up as best we could, and the chickens made do while we worked through several other projects that required attention in spring, summer, and fall.

Throughout this past year, PMR staff have been building relationships, hosting tours, and working as a partner with several local organizations including Heart of Oregon Corps and their YouthBuild program. Heart of Oregon Corps provides young people ages 16-24 in Central Oregon with “work, earn, learn” opportunities to inspire change in their lives.

In November 2021, we welcomed a brand-new cohort from the Heart of Oregon Corps YouthBuild Program to Pine Meadow Ranch to help restore our chicken coop. Two vans full of student workers arrived eager to learn and help complete the coop siding and beautify the surrounding area.

It was cold work, but the YouthBuild crew was up to the challenge. With the thermometer reading 19 degrees when clean-up began, burning pine needles was a popular task. Throughout the work period, crews raked and blew pine needles, tended the fire, and installed reclaimed board and batten siding along the south side of the coop.

The project was led by our own Ben Saba who prepared everything prior to the Heart of Oregon Corps crew, including prepping the side of the chicken coop with reclaimed plywood, scouting around the ranch for old siding, and ripping the battens.

Heart of Oregon Corps has been a great partner to us here at the Roundhouse Foundation and Pine Meadow Ranch. Having students participate in projects like this one allow for community building, shared learning, and a great time.

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