Lindsey Danae Perez (they/she) is a two-spirit Tongva artist who promotes self-decolonization and gender-nonconforming experiences through visual storytelling. “My artwork is a rebellion against the traditional, colonial white capitalist, patriarchal society that we live in,” says Perez, who will join the second cohort of residents at PMRCAA alongside Kitana Connelly and Megan Wiessner.

They use their artwork to tell stories that otherwise wouldn’t get told including Toypurina, which is based on a true story of one of their Indigenous ancestors and their resistance to Spanish colonialism, through accessible mediums. Perez’s art and illustrations are often in the form of zines or digital mediums. They were granted a scholarship to attend the Comics Portfolio program at the Independent Public Resource Center or I.P.R.C., and they sell handmade art prints and zines at pop-up markets.

For Perez, the opportunity to participate in the residency at Pine Meadow Ranch Center for Arts & Agriculture was a dream come true. It offered them a chance to retreat from the bustling city life of Portland, Oregon, where they reside, and immerse themselves in the tranquil surroundings of the ranch.

The residency’s theme, “Transitions and Migrations,” resonates with Perez’s own journey of self-discovery and cultural reclamation. Through their art, they explored themes of resilience, resistance, and empowerment, drawing inspiration from their Indigenous heritage and personal experiences. At PMRCAA with the soothing melody of nature, Perez is eager to delve further into these themes and bring their artistic visions to life.

Perez is hosting an artist talk alongside Megan Weissner, on April 4 from 4-6 p.m where they will perform traditional hand drumming, singing, and share readings from their zine. Through these expressions of Indigenous culture and storytelling, Perez is not only celebrating their heritage but inviting others to learn more as well. Perez is looking forward to time at PMRCAA to disconnect from the digital world, and spend days solely focused on the artwork, connecting with fellow residents and the beloved animals on the ranch.

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