In the heart of Oregon, where pine and Douglas fir have long lingered in the air and the economy, Megan Wiessner will visualize how mass timber construction might transform these landscapes and people’s relationships with them. Wiessner is a dedicated scholar and artist based in NYC making work about environmental infrastructures. She is currently working on a book about the emerging industry of mass timber and she will be part of the second cohort of residents at PMRCAA alongside Kitana Connelly and Lindsey Danae Perez.

Her three-year research journey spans the Pacific Northwest and explores the impact of mass timber in diverse settings – from urban condos and fabrication shops to Tribal lands and mill towns. Through a blend of visual storytelling and academic inquiry, Megan aims to illuminate the hidden narratives of timber production, shedding light on the intricate web of ecological and societal implications.

Mass timber sits at the intersection of urban sustainability and rural forestry, and holds promise in reconciling low-carbon construction needs with economic viability. She delves into the industry’s practical implications for communities, asking whether it extends the legacy of traditional resource economies or brings change and offers a path to a sustainable future. At PMRCAA, she will be working on illustrations for this project using ink made from Oregon white oak galls, collected from the Willamette Valley.

The resonance of Megan’s project extends beyond the confines of her studio. It echoes the ethos of PMRCAA’s 2024 theme of Transitions and Migrations, mirroring the ever-changing yet historical nature of the timber industry and the communities it impacts. Through her residency, Megan hopes to forge connections, both with fellow artists and the local community.

As Megan prepares to immerse herself in the serene surroundings of Central Oregon, she reflects on the profound significance of this opportunity. In a world where academia and art often exist in separate realms, her residency symbolizes a convergence of disciplines, a testament to the transformative power of interdisciplinary collaboration.

Megan is hosting an artist talk alongside Lindsey Danae Perez on April 4 2024 4-6:00 PM Come and learn for yourself: can mass timber live up to its promises?

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