May 30, 2024 | 4 – 6 p.m. | Register here

Please join us in the third Open Studio of the 2024 PMRCAA residency season! In this Open Studio you will learn about the three residents’ practices and what they have accomplished while they were at PMRCAA. Presenters for this event include printmaker Rosa Valladeres, multimedia artist Jennifer Rabin, and multidisciplinary artist Atif Akin.

Event is free, but space is limited and prior registration is required.

About the Artists:

Rosa Valladeres is a visual artist focusing on printmaking media as well as metal, watercolors and installations. She is proficient with manipulating digital images, non-toxic techniques, and the use of pliable materials. With a contemporary vision, Valladares utilizes the media in a three-dimensional manner. She combines printmaking with metals, clay, fabric, transparencies and papers as a new way to engage in dialogue among these mediums and to produce multi-media artwork. In her recent work, Valladares is exploring new interpretations of nature through printmaking.

Atif Akin is an artist from Turkey living in New York. His work is about technoscientific criticism in the context of contemporary art, science, and politics. Integrating technology as both subject and means of expression, Akın explores issues that are considered sensitive in public, unlocking them from the rigid categories in which they reside.

Jennifer Rabin is a mixed-media sculptor who began a visual art practice later in life, after a fifteen-year career as a writer. In the past, she began each sculpture with an exact image in her head of what she wanted the sculpture to look like. This recent body of work has been a complete departure for Rabin, entirely process-driven, exploratory, and free.

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