Rosa Valladares’ passion for mixed-media printmaking is a lifelong pursuit. Valladares grew up in Peru and earned her MFA at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, where she focused on creating a dialogue which involves references, connotations and metaphors of the female body through printmaking. 

As a cash-strapped student, Valladares’ printmaking evolved to include diverse pliable materials that are a resourceful take on printmaking including: tissue paper, fabric, and even dryer sheets. She combines printmaking with metals, clay, fabric, transparencies, and papers as a new way to engage in dialogue among these mediums and to produce multi-media artwork. In her lifetime as an artist, Valladares’ work took on a transformative quality and contemporary vision; from traditional printmaking on paper to 3D installations that challenge and push conventional boundaries of printmaking.

“I encounter the applicable materials,” says Valladares. “I express myself better using everything than just limiting [myself] to the paper. I like that exploration.”

Her artistic journey recently shifted towards bookmaking — an art form infused with personal narrative and creative expression. Valladares develops a deep connection between printmaking and book art and is often infusing elements of transparency and layering, reminiscent of life’s complexities, into her work. Books also become an intimate conversation between the viewer and the creator, as the pages unfold, the content comes to life. 

Valladares is excited to be at the residency and is seeking both collaboration and inspiration from fellow artists while there. Her experience in teaching reflects the enthusiasm she has to create and appreciate art. This underscores part of her artistic philosophy — a belief that art is not just about individual expression, but also about shared experiences and collective creativity.

Each creation embodies a narrative waiting to be discovered—an invitation to delve deeper into the artist’s world and witness the transformative power of printmaking.

About Rosa

Rosa Valladares (She/Her) – Sarasota, FL

Rosa Valladares is a visual artist focusing on printmaking media as well as metal, watercolors and installations. She is proficient with manipulating digital images, non-toxic techniques, and the use of pliable materials. With a contemporary vision, Valladares utilizes the media in a three-dimensional manner. She combines printmaking with metals, clay, fabric, transparencies and papers as a new way to engage in dialogue among these mediums and to produce multi-media artwork. In her recent work, Valladares is exploring new interpretations of nature through printmaking.

Rosa’s Upcoming Event – June 1st

Join Valladares for the Accordian Book Making Workshop on Saturday, June 1st, 2024 from 1 – 5 pm PDT at Pine Meadow Ranch Center for Arts & Agriculture. The workshop will include bookmaking and Turkish Map folding techniques to aid participants in reflecting on the role of the river in the community. Participants in this workshop will replicate the presence of the river using writing, drawing, and other techniques and will learn how to translate abstract concepts into tangible materials that convey these ideas, stories, and emotions.

You don’t want to miss it, so RSVP today.

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