Seven-Panel Mosaic Depicts the Nature, Culture of Pine Meadow Ranch 

We welcomed an accomplished group of mosaic artists from near and far to a month-long residency at the ranch on May 31, and along with two other artists who spearheaded the project three years ago, the work has culminated in a mosaic mural unveiled here on June 24. Entitled “Re-Imagine,” it is composed of seven panels, and is inspired by the nature and culture of Pine Meadow Ranch.

Rochelle Rose Schueler of Wild Rose Artworks in Bend and her collaborative partner Lynn Adamo of Bend launched the mosaic mural in 2019 at the ranch and completed the middle three panels, inspired by the ranch’s historic, century-old round barn. Earlier this year, Brenda Gratton of Madison, Wisconsin; Kellie G. Hoyt of Minneapolis, and Line Bergene of Norway were selected for a Mosaic Artist Residency at the ranch. They flew in to help finish the remaining four tile panels and on May 31, their work began.

A flurry of activity commenced daily, as they transformed surplus remnants from Kibak Tile in Sisters into the final three panels depicting the nature of the ranch — the aspens, meadows, surrounding mountain peaks and Whychus Creek. The section depicting the flowing water includes rocks gathered from the creek and area around it. The mural extends along a wall facing the round barn, at the entrance to the PMRCAA headquarters.

Watch this space for an upcoming blog post with more details on the mural’s creation.

Photos by Loma Smith Photography

Published On: June 28th, 2022 / Categories: Pine Meadow Ranch, Pine Meadow Ranch Programs /