AiR Overview

Artist in Residence Information (AiR)

The vision of Pine Meadow Ranch is to connect sustainable agriculture, conservation, the arts and sciences with traditional and contemporary crafts and skills integral to ranching life including: metal, glass, wood and leather work, ceramics, fibers and textiles, writing, painting and drawing, photography and music.

Today, Pine Meadow Ranch continues to operate as a working ranch and is developing and expanding arts, agricultural and ecological projects from the assets of the property. Our goal is to preserve the land, the views, and historic buildings of Pine Meadow Ranch for years to come.


Application Process

In order to maximize the fit of residents to the PMR experience, a nomination process will take place for the program.  PMR seeks artists who want to engage with the local community and in the experience of a working ranch.

Nominators who are familiar with PMR or are established professionals in traditional crafts will be asked to nominate and provide contact information for up to 5 nominees.  Nominators will be provided a form to ease the task of nominating.  Self nominations can be made through this application process.

A selection panel will rate applicants and final selection will be made by the Roundhouse Foundation Trustees.

Timeline for future processes will be laid out below when available.

AiR Respect Policy

Pine Meadow Ranch strives to create a creative atmosphere and supportive environment for artistic exploration. It is up to all residents to uphold general standards of behavior, respect diversity and privacy, and protect Pine Meadow Ranch facilities and the land.

If conflicts arise, residents are expected to attempt to reach a solution among themselves. If a resolution is not possible, residents are asked to bring any problems to the attention of Pine Meadow Ranch staff.

In return, the Headquarters houses the business offices, so respect for staff prioritizing their work and for a working environment is expected.

Specific policies are as follows:

  • Please respect our neighbors’ privacy and do not wander onto their property.
  • Removal or destruction of Pine Meadow property is prohibited. This includes furniture, appliances, tools, etc.
  • Please respect the land by staying on roads and trails. Do not remove plants that are in the ground or alter them in any way (cutting branches, carving, pruning, etc.). Collecting materials that have blown down or fallen is allowed, but please either return these items to nature or take them with you at the end of your residency.
  • The use of illegal drugs and the abuse of alcohol is prohibited on Pine Meadow Ranch property.
  • Firearms are not permitted on Pine Meadow Ranch property.
  • Smoking is not allowed anywhere in buildings or on property.
  • Residents are not allowed to visit each other’s studios or rooms without an invitation.
  • Harassment of other residents or Pine Meadow Ranch staff will not be tolerated.
  • We reserve the right to terminate the residency of any individual who we believe threatens the experience for themselves or others or causes destruction of Pine Meadow Ranch property.

What to Bring

The temperatures at the Ranch at any time of the year can vary greatly from day to evening. During spring and fall we suggest you bring winter weather outerwear; base layer clothing like sweaters and long pants; a hat, scarf, warm gloves, and waterproof winter boots.

Fitness recreation apparel and ski gear are good as well. In the summertime, the weather can be quite warm. With Whychus Creek running through the property and several lakes nearby, you may want to bring a swimsuit.

Occasionally, PMR hosts special dinners with outside guests or workshops offsite during residencies. Please consider bringing something business casual for something like this. We will let you know ahead of your arrival if a dinner or workshop will be scheduled during your residency.

Please bring any safety equipment or clothing that is needed for your work.


We want to encourage your creativity, however, Pine Meadow Ranch is a working ranch, permission and a safety check out is needed in advance to use any tools, equipment or materials and supplies in any of the buildings. We are here to help you and want you to be safe. All tools and materials need to be returned at the end of your use to the Ranch Shop. Farm equipment (tractors, trailers, ATVs, etc.) are NOT available for residents.

Ranch Setting

Pine Meadow Ranch is located just outside the City limits of Sisters, Oregon in Central Oregon about 30 minutes from Bend.  The Ranch is a working 260 acre historical property currently running cattle and other sheep.  During each residency time period there will be between four and six residents on site.  Collaboration and exchange is encouraged.

The Ranch strives to create a harmonious, creative community during each residency. To limit outside distractions, overnight guests are not allowed during residencies. Day time guests and visitors can be accommodated with 24-hour notice of visits. Please coordinate guest visits with staff.

Residents are given 24-hour access to all facilities and the time and space to create. All residents have access to the common spaces within the Headquarters home and select spaces at the Hammond House.  A photo gallery of the ranch can be found here.

Residencies are scheduled between March and November when weather varies in Central Oregon. Applicants should prepared for snow on the ground, rain, wind and temperatures between the 80's and 40's in the spring and summer and the 60s to the teens in the shoulder seasons.

Additional elements that applicants should be aware of:

  • Wi-Fi is available throughout the Hammond House and Headquarter building and select studios.  Depending on the number of residents and staff on site there may be limitations on bandwidth and streaming services may not be available during peak usage.
  • Due to the working nature of the Ranch we regret that pets are not allowed
  • Pine Meadow Ranch is smoke-free facility.
  • Overnight guests are not allowed. Accommodations for visitors are available in the local area.


Hiking Trails and Activities 

There are hiking trails in the local area for recreation, but some may be limited due to weather. Please contact the local ranger district for additional information 541.549.7700.

Other activities can be found at the Sisters Area Chamber of Commerce.


Some of the spaces at Pine Meadow Ranch are ADA accessible, however our current available guest rooms are not. Winter weather including ice and snow on the ground and walkways also impacts accessibility at our facility. Please contact us directly with specific questions or provide information about your needs in your application.

Studio Spaces

Residents using studios have 24-hour access to their studio. Residents are responsible for their studio’s up-keep and general maintenance. Each studio will have a chalkboard sign for you to list hours in which guests can visit your studio.

Studio Hours

Pine Meadow Ranch is not open to the public on a daily basis, but on occasion, The Roundhouse Foundation staff and trustees may have different contractors, professionals and/or guests visiting during the day. Every effort will be made to inform you of these visits and to not disturb you while you are in residence. Watch the community board for announcements.

We ask all residents to note open hours on the sign outside their studio space.  If you do not wish to have visitors to your studio, please put your “do not disturb” sign on the studio door.


Arrival & Transportation

Accepting a residency means a commitment to arriving on the first day and staying through the last day of the residency award. Staff requests that you plan to arrive between Noon – 4pm on the first day of your residency. Please refer to your confirmation email for the exact date.

If your arrival will be unexpectedly delayed or you are arriving by plane and can only arrive prior to Noon or after 5p.m., please let us know as soon as possible. On your arrival day, please note Pine Meadow Ranch’s phone number is 541-904-0700. When you arrive, please follow signs to the Main Office/Headquarters and park in front of the Main House. Load and unload from the front, but long-term parking for residents is down below the house. Staff will show you where to park.

Uber and Lyft are available from the Redmond airport.


If you are flying to Pine Meadow Ranch, the closest airport is the Redmond/Bend, Oregon airport. We can pick you up from the Redmond airport as long as you arrange with staff ahead of time. Best arrival times are in the early afternoon. If you prefer to fly into Portland (PDX) Airport, there is a shuttle, Central Oregon Breeze (arrives at Redmond airport which we can pick you up from), 800-847-0157 or you can rent a car at your own expense.


Let us know if you are driving and we will send local driving instructions. Do not rely on Google maps to direct you by the address provided here; you will get lost.

Parking & Vehicle Information

You are welcome to have a vehicle at Pine Meadow Ranch. Since we do not provide fuel for gas powered cars, we also do not provide energy for electric cars. There are two charging stations in Sisters. Bend has 21 charging stations. All can be found online here.


There is a common kitchen available for residents use.  Pantry staples are available for use as necessary.  During the summer months the Ranch is a partner with Seed to Table Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) and those vegetables are available to residents.  Please be mindful of other residents and clean up after use.


Depending on funding, stipends may be available for residents. We do not require a separate application for stipends and will let finalists for residencies know if funding is available.  If there are questions about stipends please contact our Project Director.


You should think of the main house and the property as your own and treat it appropriately. The kitchen is shared by staff, Trustees and residents, so please be sure to clean up after each meal. Office hours are Monday – Friday 8:30am – 5pm. Different people may visit the offices of Pine Meadow Ranch. Our rule is that visitors to the Ranch should be accompanied by staff. If you see someone enter the office and there is no staff present, please inform one of the staff.

Common space for residents is available for meals, watching TV or playing games. Please take your meals at the table in the common space room. The downstairs bathroom is shared; the shower and bathtub are not available for residents’ use.

The Headquarters building is where resident accommodations as well as the Roundhouse Foundation business offices are located. There is a common kitchen, laundry and living space available 24 hours a day. Each resident has a private room and a shared bathroom. Laundry facilities are available onsite. We ask each resident to be mindful of their use of electricity and turn lights off and turn heat/air conditioning down, as applicable, when leaving buildings.  We ask all residents to be respectful off common space and to leave the kitchen and restrooms clean after use.


There is a swimming pool on the premises. Residents are welcome to use the pool during daylight hours. Trustees and staff and their families and friends may also use the pool at various times. PMR staff will let residents know when any special events happen at the pool area. Please do not take any glassware to the pool. Everyone, staff, Trustees, guests and residents are expected to clean-up and leave the pool as they found it including replacing the cover when finished.