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Resources for Applicants & Grant Partners

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Roundhouse Foundation is committed to supporting our grant partners. Be sure to check out the information below for grant applicants and existing partners.

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Roundhouse Foundation’s Grant Opportunities

In 2021, there are multiple opportunities to apply for funding with Roundhouse Foundation:

  • Small Grants Under $2500
  • Open Call for Proposals – Spring and Fall Cycles
  • Special Opportunities designated by Foundation Trustees

Learn more about each of our current Grant Programs.

Learn more about what drives our grantmaking:

Learn more about what we seek in proposals, partners, opportunities:

Our Grants Portal

Roundhouse Foundation no longer accepts paper grant applications. Watch a 4-minute tutorial video on how to use our new grants portal. Choose ‘Grant Applicant Tutorial.’

Budgets and Financial Resources

All of our grant applications, budgets, and other attachments are submitted through our online application system. Once organizations create an organizational profile and begin a particular application, they will provide budget information to Roundhouse either directly into the application (fill-in boxes) or via submission of attachments. For each application, we will request the relevant project budget and your organization’s annual budget be submitted as attachments.

The following pages may be helpful when preparing your budget and financial documents.


Reports provide an opportunity for organizations to reflect on grant projects and share insights and lessons learned. Annual reports help Roundhouse analyze our funding strategies, assess our overall impact and inform our future planning. We encourage grantees to be open and honest in sharing their challenges, frustrations and feedback as well as their successes. The lessons you learn in facing obstacles are as valuable to us as your successful outcomes.

Submitting Reports

Grantees must complete a final report in order to be eligible for future grants. Grantees are assigned digital grant reports through our online Grants Portal. Roundhouse Foundation no longer accepts paper reports. 

Follow these steps to submit a report:

  1. Log into Roundhouse’s Grants Portal. If you can’t recall your organization’s login information, click the “forgot your password” link on the login page, enter your email and instructions to create a new password will be sent to you.
  2. Once logged in, you will find report deadlines, along with other action items that need attention, listed on your Dashboard. To complete these action items, click the blue “Edit” button next to the report you’d like to complete. 

Reports generally take two to four weeks for review and processing. We may contact grantees during that time if we have questions. If you don’t hear from us, assume the report is approved.

Requesting an Extension / Change to Project Budget

Things change and unforeseen issues arise! If this is the case and you need extra time to submit a grant report or the project requires additional time for completion, please notify Roundhouse staff and we will work together to determine the best next steps.

Regional Community College CTE Program Frequently Asked Questions2021-06-16T22:45:41+00:00

What are the funding levels?

Roundhouse Foundation determines program funding amount based on the total number of students enrolled full time. The levels are as follows:

Under 500 FTE: $5,000/Term
501-1500 FTE: $7,500/Term
1501 FTE and above: $10,000/Term

How many terms can each Community College Foundation apply for?

Funding is available for a full school year, generally consisting of four full terms. Funding for participating College Foundations is distributed as one sum upfront, to be distributed at the College Foundation’s discretion across the four terms.

Some terms have more requests for funding than others. Can I adjust how I distribute funding based on CTE student need by term?

Yes, the dollar per term number serves as a guideline for how Roundhouse Foundation determines funding amount for each participating institution. While we encourage each participating College Foundation to ensure funds are distributed equitably across their CTE programs and student body, we understand that fluctuating enrollment across terms may necessitate heavier funding in specific terms. For example, a college with Under 500 FTE can choose to distribute $6,000 in Fall Term and $4,000 in Summer Term, as opposed to $5,000 each term, in order to better match the demand for each term.

What are the reporting requirements?

We ask that participating College Foundations complete 3 Interim Reports and 1 Final Report. The Interim Reports must be completed following each term and prior to distribution of funds for the next term (explained in more detail below). Specific dates are flexible depending upon each College’s calendar.

The four necessary reports are as follows:

  • Winter Interim Report – to be submitted following Fall Term and prior to distributing Winter Term funds
  • Spring Interim Report – to be submitted following Winter Term and prior to distributing Spring Term funds
  • Summer Interim Report – to be submitted following Spring Term and prior to distributing Summer Term funds
  • Final Report following the Summer Term

Click to view an example Interim Report.

What kind of budget are you looking for?

We ask that for each term, participating institutions provide a budget of their proposed distribution for the upcoming term. We’ve provided a downloadable Excel sample template here. However, if all of the information is included, please feel free to use and provide your own method of tracking and reporting.

Who can I contact with more questions?

Questions, concerns, or feedback regarding the Regional Community College Career & Technical Education Program should be directed to:

Erin Borla
Executive Director & Trustee

More Frequently Asked Questions2021-04-29T18:59:01+00:00

Can I nominate a nonprofit? 

Absolutely! We always want to get connected with great nonprofits and organizations. If you send an email to with your recommendation, we will reach out to the organization you nominated to see if they are a good fit. 

What if my proposal wasn’t funded?

We don’t enjoy saying no, but sometimes proposals aren’t a good fit or other proposals take priority. Still, we value the work you do and would be glad to talk through our decision and offer feedback for future proposals. Email and we’ll find a time to connect. 

What do you fund?

Lots of things! We welcome proposals for most types of funding that align with our focus areas. You can learn more about what we do and don’t fund in our eligibility guidelines.

Do you award multi-year grants?  

Yes, but usually for organizations with whom we have an established partnership. Keep in mind that you will not be able to apply for other Roundhouse grants while actively receiving a multi-year grant. Please reach out to a Roundhouse representative should you be interested in a multi-year grant.

Any tips or tricks?   

Unfortunately, we can’t say ‘yes’ to everyone. Our best tips? Paint a picture — a world with and without your efforts. Demonstrate the impact. Be authentic: leave the script at the door. Have vision. Be honest about what you need, want, and/or have learned. Follow through. Ask questions! We are here to help. Reach out any time at

What’s the application process?  

We know grant applications can be gruesome, especially if you don’t have a “grant-writing person” on your team. We’ve tried to make our process as streamlined as possible, but always welcome feedback for improvement. Learn more about our open grant opportunities here.

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