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Elakha Alliance Works to Restore Sea Otters in Oregon

April 22nd, 2024|

For the last 110 years, sea otters have been missing from Oregon’s coast line. This keystone species is massively important for the health of kelp forests which evolved with sea otters for hundreds of years before they vanished due to overhunting for the fur trade. The Elakha Alliance was formed in 2018 by Tribal, nonprofit, and conservation leaders with the goal of restoring sea otters and making the Oregon coastal ecosystem more resilient.

The Historic Alger Theatre in Lakeview

April 22nd, 2024|

The Alger Theatre in Lakeview is one of Oregon’s latest entries to the National Parks Service Registry of Historic Places. Now owned and operated by Lakeview Community Partnership, a nonprofit dedicated to the economic revitalization of downtown Lakeview, the Alger has served as a cultural and entertainment center for the community since it opened in 1940.

Episode #9: Everybody Likes Happy Hour with Barton Robison

April 20th, 2024|

Barton Robison of Willamette Partnership tackles what he calls ‘weird projects’: those things that are hard to manage or hard to fund – because rural capacity is limited in city and county governments. With his lighthearted approach, Barton makes it seem easy.  But in reality there are many ways grant processes can be improved, starting with happy hour.

Episode #8: Experts in the Field with Lesli Allison

April 15th, 2024|

Lesli Allison's first role as a ranch manager in Southeastern Colorado taught her the importance of private land as part of the conservation conversation. On episode 8 of the Funding Rural podcast, Lesli shares how ranchers and farmers are leading the way on innovative climate and environmental projects and the challenges of accessing resources including research.

Episode #7: Evaluating Relationships with Allen Smart

April 9th, 2024|

Allen Smart has years of experience working with philanthropic families and health conversion foundations across the east coast and southeast. His reputation as a leader in rural philanthropy as a consultant is strong. Join Allen as he shares some of the lessons he learned throughout his tenure as a consultant – and how philanthropic organizations can make real impact building relationships in smaller communities.

Episode #6: The Love of People with C’Ardiss ‘CC’ Gardner Gleser

April 2nd, 2024|

C’Ardiss “CC” Gardner Gleser is an advocate for social impact and racial justice work. After starting her career in tech, she entered philanthropy to better fulfill her purpose and passion. She grew up in Seattle, Washington and now lives in Detroit, MI. As CC and host Erin Borla got to know each other, they discussed how the challenges in inner city communities echoed many of those challenges rural and frontier communities faced, and how we show up (or don’t) as philanthropists can impact how we build relationships and connect as people and funders in these places.

Project Youth Plus

March 26th, 2024|

Southern Oregon-based non-profit, Project Youth +, is preparing its participants to thrive in school, careers, and their lives. Project Youth + supports the bright futures of nearly 1700 students, ages 11-24, through resilience development strategies.