Moriah ArnoldThis event recap is provided by Arts Assistant Moriah Arnold.

Last Thursday, PMRCAA hosted the third open studio of the season with Artists in Residence Jennifer Rabin and Rosa Valladares.

The weather was in the high 60s with a gentle breeze — ideal spring weather for our open studio. Attendees split into two groups to visit the two artists, and my group first went to Sculptor Jennifer Rabin’s Studio, the Tack Room.


Jennifer Rabin in The Tack Room

Sculptor Jennifer Rabin talked about her work and the themes of found objects, family dynamics, and nesting materials. She mentioned her curiosity on the history of objects, their use, and how their parallels in nature inform her sculptures. Jennifer showed sketches of her work at the ranch and samples of her findings in the Ranch’s boneyard. She is interested in nesting materials specifically, and drew a connection between the natural materials that birds use to nest, and the more industrial materials (like cement blocks) that humans use to “nest” and build structures.

Rosa Valladares in The Upstairs Studio

Printmaker Rosa Valladares has been using the Upstairs Studio space on the ranch, but she has also been using Studio 6000, our local printmakers space to create. She had her prints and books on display while she spoke about her practice. She came to the ranch hoping to be inspired by the fish, but instead found inspiration in the cheatgrass and other plants growing along the stream.

Both artists noted how willing the community was to engage with their practice and the work they have been doing while in the residency program. The curiosity of the community to see what people are doing out here on the property is something very unique, and the artists reported being very happy with the Open Studio event.

Arts Program Manager Ana Varas and Garden Program Development Manager Pam Warvin closed out the evening with a short presentation about our upcoming Natural Dye Workshop Series, which is happening on Saturdays from July 27th – August 24th. They discussed all of the different plants and flowers that we will be using, and played a short video from Instructor Madelaine Corbin talking more in depth about what participants will be learning, and how these classes provide a foundation in natural dye that attendees can upon beyond the workshops. Madelaine is an expert in color, natural dyes, and fabrics, and she has traveled the world to learn more about different dye techniques. 

Next Open Studio at PMRCAA

Our next Open Studio is scheduled for 4-6 p.m. with Painter Alfonso Fernandez, Fiber-sculptor Christie Lower, and Artist Beatriz Guzman Velasquez. Reserve your space at the event today.

Photos by Loma Smith Photography