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Visiting from New York City, Esperanza Cortés is a renowned multidisciplinary artist who recently had a piece acquired by the Boston Museum of Fine Arts. Cortés will lead a workshop at Pine Meadow Center for Arts and Agriculture on April 20, where participants will create a Memory Box using personal mementos.

During this workshop, participants will be introduced to the work of Memory Box Artist, Joseph Cornell, who described this medium as “poetic theaters.”

“The box is the central metaphor of Joseph Cornell’s life, just as it is the signature element of his exquisite and disturbing body of work, his factory of dreams. He made boxes to keep wonders in…” — The Guardian


An Example of Joseph Cornell’s Memory Box, pulling from The Guardian’s website

The objective of this workshop is to create a box that is as unique as each individual or participant, using objects, textures, and images that stimulate the senses of both the maker and the viewer.

The most important component to the box is the inclusion of personal materials. Some examples include photos, a piece of cloth, collaged elements, a keepsake, or a letter. The final memory box will tell a rich, detailed story – one that is completely personal to each participant. Whether celebrating a loved one, a special day, a family vacation or a special place, this memory box can preserve the moments that mean the most to each individual.

What can be use as a memory box?

  • Antique Wooden or Cigar Boxes
  • Shoe, Gift or Packaging Boxes
  • Tin Canisters / Plastic Bins

About the Artist:

Esperanza Cortés (she/her) is a Colombian-born multidisciplinary artist based in NYC. Cortés’ passion for the mosaic of the Americas, its folk art traditions, rituals, music, dance and their ever evolving changes are at the core of her sculptures, paintings, installations, site-specific projects and interventions. Her artwork examines the extent to which a consciousness—national or personal—defines itself through the opposing force of transcultural experiences. The work is poetically and intricately crafted to encourage the viewer to reconsider social and historical narratives, especially when dealing with Colonialism, and raises critical questions about the politics of erasure and exclusion.

Price: $45.00 (price includes materials fee and instructors fee)

Level of Experience: Beginner, All skills levels welcome!

Provided Supplies:

  • Scissors
  • Rulers
  • Pencils & markers
  • Glue
  • Magazines
  • Ribbons & yarn

What to Bring:

  • A box or container to use as your “memory box”
  • Photo or keepsake
  • Any arts/craft materials you might like to use

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