June 1, 2024 | 1 – 5 p.m. | Register here

This workshop uses bookmaking and Turkish Map folding techniques to aid participants in reflecting on the role of the river in the community and pondering the experience of fish during migration.

Participants in this workshop will replicate the presence of the river using writing, drawing, and other techniques. They will learn how to translate abstract concepts into tangible materials that convey these ideas, stories, and emotions.

About the Artist:

Rosa Valladeres (she/her) is a visual artist focusing on printmaking media as well as metal, watercolors and installations. She is proficient with manipulating digital images, non-toxic techniques, and the use of pliable materials. With a contemporary vision, Valladares utilizes the media in a three-dimensional manner. She combines printmaking with metals, clay, fabric, transparencies and papers as a new way to engage in dialogue among these mediums and to produce multi-media artwork. In her recent work, Valladares is exploring new interpretations of nature through printmaking.

Price: $80

Level of Experience: Beginner, all skill levels welcome!


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